Since 1989


EMI Records, Los Angeles (publicity / copywriter / music video production) Capitol Records, Los Angeles (design) Island Records, Los Angeles (publicity / copywriter / design) Chrysalis Music, Los Angeles (publicity / copywriter / design) 3 Entertainment, Los Angeles (publicity / copywriter / design) Sub Pop Records, Seattle (event producer / publicity / copywriter / design) SST Records, Los Angeles (publicity / copywriter / design) Kill Rock Stars, Seattle (publicity / copywriter / design) Epitaph Records, Los Angeles (publicity / copywriter / design) Grand Royal Records, Los Angeles (publicity / copywriter / design) Columbia Records, Los Angeles (publicity / copywriter / design) Sony Music, Los Angeles (publicity / copywriter / design) A&M Records, Los Angeles (design) Empty Records, Seattle (publicity / copywriter / design) Atlantic Records, Los Angeles (publicity / copywriter / design) Epic Records, Los Angeles (publicity / copywriter / design) Delicious Vinyl, Los Angeles (publicity) Alternative Tentacles, San Francisco (publicity / copywriter / design) Mush Records, Los Angeles (publicity / copywriter / design) Paper or Plastic, Portland (publicity / copywriter / design) Cyclotron Records, Los Angeles (publicity / copywriter / design) Hearts Toned Records, Denver (copywriter / design)


Lenny Kravitz (music video production / design / copywriter) Red Hot Chili Peppers (design / copywriter / music video production) Cibo Matto (publicity / design / copywriter) Luscious Jackson (design / copywriter) Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers (design / copywriter) Petra Haden (design) Modest Mouse (publicity / design / copywriter) The Pretenders (design / copywriter) Fishbone (publicity / design / copywriter) Pavement (publicity / design / copywriter) Eek a Mouse (design / copywriter) 7 Year Bitch (publicity / design / copywriter) Sunny Day Real Estate (publicity / design / copywriter) Mudhoney (publicity / design / copywriter) Morphine (publicity / design / copywriter) 311 (publicity / design) Oingo Boingo (publicity / design) The Untouchables (publicity / design) Mellowdrone (design / copyrighter) The Chemical Brothers (design / copywriter) REM (design / copywriter) Maxwell (design / copywriter) Fountains of Wayne (design / copywriter) Smash Mouth (design / copywriter) Ricky Martin (design / copywriter) Don Ho (event producer / publicity / design / copywriter) Martin Denny (event producer / publicity / design / copywriter) The Autumn Defense (design) Andrew Bird (publicity / design / copywriter) Tantra Monsters (event producer / publicity / design / copywriter) Frogchild (event producer / publicity / design / copywriter) Ooklah The Moc (event producer / publicity / design / copywriter) The Mormons (event producer / publicity / design / copywriter) The Antarcticans (event producer / design / publicity / copywriter) The King Cheetah (event producer / design / publicity / copywriter) Yes Dear (design) TSK TSK (design) Kevin Sport (design) Le Firm (publicity / design / copywriter) Unit 101 (event producer / publicity / design / copywriter) Grapefruit (event producer / publicity / design / copywriter) The Hellbound Hounds (event producer / publicity / design / copywriter) The Pugilist (event producer / publicity / design / copywriter) Hell Yeah Bowlers (event producer / publicity / copywriter / design) Go Jimmy Go (event producer / publicity / copywriter / design) Eastside Wrecking Crew (event producer / publicity / copywriter / design) Hell Yeah Bowlers (event producer / publicity / copywriter / design)


KCRW, Los Angeles (design / publicity) Radio Free Hawaii, Honolulu (design / publicity) Roots of Rock, Houston (design) Georgetown University College Radio, Washington DC (design) Stanford University College Radio, Palo Alto (design)


The Fish Eye Magazine, Honolulu (publisher / art director / writer / editor / sales / distribution / marketing / publicity) The Art Institute of Chicago Magazine, Chicago (design) Radio & Records Magazine, Los Angeles (design) Martha Stewart Living Magazine, New York (design) Warner Publishing, Los Angeles (executive assistant) The Last Justice by Anthony J. Franze, Washington DC (design)


AFI International Film Festival, Los Angeles (publicity / copywriter) Hawaii International Film Festival, Honolulu (publicity / copywriter) Silver Lake Film Festival, Los Angeles (publicity / design / copywriter / marketing / advertising) Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle (publicity) Propaganda Films, Los Angeles (music video production) Passport Entertainment, Los Angeles (design / copywriter) Morton Downey Jr, Los Angeles (executive assistant / design / copywriter) Searching for Whitopia, New York (design / copywriter) Scott Miller Director of Photography, New York (design) Green Films, New York (design / copywriter) Sharpshooter Pictures, Los Angeles (design / copywriter) Kim Spurlock Films, New York (design)


Paul Kohner Talent Agency, Los Angeles (executive assistant) The William Morris Agency, Los Angeles (executive assistant)


Harry Underwood, Nashville (design) Darby Nicole Photography, Los Angeles (design) Brandy LaChapelle, Chicago (design) Reenie Raschke Photography, San Francisco (design) Beth Nelson, San Francisco (design)


K Vintage Boutique (owner) Hawaii Gourmet Coffee Company, Honolulu (design / copywriter) Swift Vintage, Los Angeles (design / copywriter) Brooke Burke Swimwear, Honolulu (event producer / publicity / design / copywriter) Astoria Park Wine & Spirits, New York (design) Full Circle Vintage, Los Angeles (design / copywriter) Paper Rabbit, Los Angeles (design / copywriter) Cameo Cleaners by Arthur Copeland, New York (design / copywriter) Iggloo, United Kingdom (design / copywriter) Wahloo, Chicago (design / copywriter) Stitch-uation, Los Angeles (design / copywriter) Michel Tati Bridal, New York (design / copywriter) Freshie Cosmetics, Chicago (design / copywriter) Kool Kids, Los Angeles (design / copywriter) Sassy Midwest Housewife, Chicago (owner)


Mistretta Catering, New York (design / copywriter) Toscana Cafe, Washington DC (design / copywriter) Cafe Valentino, Honolulu (design / copywriter) Howard’s of Mount Vernon, Baltimore (design / copywriter) Vermont Brewery, Vermont (design / copywriter)


Ennis House by Frank Lloyd Wright, Los Angeles (executive assistant) Walton & Associates, Los Angeles (design / copywriter) Exibitor Hotels, Chicago (design) Scout Sustainable Design, San Francisco (design) Urban to Suburban, Washington DC (design) Robert Huie, Washington DC (interior design) The Bermuda Bar, Austin (interior design) Royal Garden, Seattle (interior design) The Loft Gallery & Lounge, Honolulu (interior design / event producer / publicity)


United Press International, Washington DC (design / copywriter) Naviance, Washington DC (design / copywriter) Math Counts Foundation, Washington DC (design / copywriter) Myers Bradford Law Firm, Washington DC (design / copywriter) Biltmore Mutual, Asheville (design / copywriter) Overture Technologies, Washington DC (design / copywriter) Camden & Associates, Chicago (design / copywriter) Straight Caribbean Spine Foundation, New York (design / copywriter) Hawkins Travel, Washington DC (design / copywriter) Trac-Back Solutions, Nashville (design / copywriter) Solley’s Place, Chicago (design / copywriter)


Bill Clinton Presidential Campaign 1992 (publicity / copywriter) Bill Clinton Presidential Campaign 1996 (publicity / copywriter) Al Gore Presidential Campaign 2000 (publicity / copywriter) Democratic National Convention 2000 (publicity / copywriter / voter registration) Democratic National Convention 2008 (publicity / copywriter) Barack Obama Presidential Campaign 2008 (publicity / copywriter / voter registration) Barack Obama Presidential Campaign 2012 (publicity / copywriter / voter registration) Bernie Sanders Presidential Campaign 2016 (publicity / copywriter / voter registration)


Rock The Vote (publicity / copywriter / event producer / design / voter registration) Youth Vote 2000 (event producer / publicity / copywriter / voter registration) Do Something (event producer / publicity / copywriter / voter registration)  The Center for Education Reform (publicity / copywriter / event producer) Hawaiian Sovereignty Advisory Commission (publicity / copywriter / event producer) Mothers Against Drunk Driving (publicity / copywriter / event producer) NAACP (publicity / copywriter / event producer) Greenpeace (publicity / copywriter / event producer) Amnesty International (publicity / copywriter / event producer) Educational Fund to End Handgun Violence (publicity / copywriter / event producer) The Family Violence Prevention Fund (publicity / copywriter / event producer) Planned Parenthood (publicity / copywriter / event producer) Community Coalition for Substance Abuse Prevention (publicity / copywriter / event producer) National Organization for Women (publicity / copywriter/ event producer) The Milt Olin Foundation (publicity / copywriter / design)

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