KRISTIEN AMER is an award winning Artist, Designer, Publicist, Event Producer and occasional Décor, Prop and Wardrobe Stylist. She has worked as an independent freelance artist since 1993 with clients including The American Film Institute, Capitol Records, Rock The Vote, United Press International, Martha Stewart Living, Georgetown University Radio and The Art Institute of Chicago.

She began her career working in publicity and design at various entertainment firms while still in High School and her first online portfolio was awarded as one of HOW Magazine’s highly coveted Top Ten Design Websites for the year. Her artwork has been published in dozens of books and magazines and she was previously an official Judge for the prestigious Creativity International Awards.

Growing up in Los Angeles and Hawai’i, Miss Amer had a creative childhood filled with art, intellect and weirdness. While attending classes at UCLA and the American Film Institute she had the distinct honor of residing at the Frank Lloyd Wright Ennis House while working as an executive assistant for the Foundation.

As an Event Producer at age 22, Miss Amer has been credited by local press with Reinventing Downtown Honolulu in Hawai’i, a once abandoned Historical District which now flourishes with Arts and Entertainment venues. In 2002, Miss Amer launched “Tiki Lounge 5-0″ which featured rare and historically significant appearances and performances by Hawai’i and International Music Legends Don Ho and Martin Denny.

From 1994 to 2002 she published The Fish Eye Magazine in Honolulu, Hawai’i and also worked as the editor, head writer, photographer, layout designer and secured all advertising and distribution accounts. The final issue featured a handwritten interview and cover story with Christian Hosoi and was sold as a limited edition print.

The Granddaughter of Antique Dealers, Miss Amer launched K Vintage a Mobile Vintage Prop and Wardrobe Studio that also operates as a Pop-Up Boutique in Los Angeles in 2013.

The daughter of an Attorney, Miss Amer also has an impressive resume of legal studies, community leadership, activism and campaigning. She has worked on several Presidential campaigns and regularly volunteers with non-profit and community organizations. In the summer of 2000, she organized several voter registration concerts with Rock the Vote, Do Something and Youth Vote 2000 and has registered over 24,000 people to vote since 1993.